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"Job Buddies is by FAR the best recruitment agency I have ever used. I worked closely with their recruitment team to help me land my dream job and five years later I am living my best life! Thank you to the hard working recruiters at Job Buddies, I highly recommend these guys to everyone."  - Michaela Henderson, Job Candidate.
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Micheala H.
"HireCareStaff is by far the best recruitment marketing agency & system we have used to grow our staff count by 60%...and we've tried it all. A great talent system and company to partner with. Thank you all for the terrific service." - Michaela Henderson, Human Resources, North CareHomes.
Radek W.
"Working with for over 1 year now and am happy to say that it has been a worthwhile and fruitful experience. The team has helped our organisation with our Recruitment needs during times of an intense Recruitment drive which aided in achieving our recruitment targets and goals. We have been able to target the right candidates and enrich our talent pool. Very professional and competent service." - Radek Warchola, HR Virtue Integrated Care, 
Juracy A.
"In the last 14 days we have hired 4 healthcare assistants, cutting down our recruitment costs by nearly 80%! Thank you team, I recommend this service to all HR managers and recruiters." - Juracy Antunes, Talent Acquisition Specialist & HR Manager BluebirdCare.
Kasia N.
"The problem is that I can't keep up with the volume of healthcare candidates, but it's a great problem to have!" - Kasia Norwich, Human Resources, Virtue Integrated Care 
Erwin B.
"We got about 95 qualified healthcare assistant candidates in the first 10 days! I cannot recommend this service enough." - Erwin Bonifacio, Senior Resourcing, Manager, Empath Recruitment
Victoria L.
"By far the best system for sourcing qualified healthcare candidates on social media that we've tried to date!" - Victoria Lynch, Senior Resourcing, Manager,  TTM Healthcare UK
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We are a small team of passionate & enthusiastic recruiters based in Dublin, Ireland with the goal of helping 1,000 professionals find their dream jobs by 2027
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